Q: Where do you guys keep your brewery hidden?

A: We are currently updating our underground fortress, because of this, we were lucky enough that the amazing people at Wellington brewery in Guelph let us use their facilities. For the West Coast Dead Frog Brewing has let our brewmaster achieve West Coast Deliciousness in their tanks!

Q: Are you guys a marketing company?

A:What? No. We are two guys that have been drinking and living beer for over 15 years now. This is our dream and we are acting on it. Double Trouble has been created on bar napkins and in beer festival line ups, not a boardroom. A lot of amazing breweries have had to start this way.

Q: I’m curious as to why you didn’t stick to the higher alcohol volume that is more common with IPA’s?

A: Good question Shane! We wanted a super sessionable IPA. We are a big fans of big IPA’s but we wanted Hops and Robbers to be different. It has a light floral nose and a balanced hop finish. Because it is 5.7%ABV and 50 IBU’s it’s a beer you can go back for pretty quickly. This makes Hops and Robbers and Extra Delicious IPA!

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